Hybrid design
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Electrical protection and multimedia supply, all-in-one

For installation under plaster and in hollow wall mounting

When building or renovating residential buildings, compact solutions are often required for electrical and multimedia installations.
The volta small distribution board is especially suitable thanks to its easy assembly in walls as well as its manifold versions with 30% larger wiring space by lateral wiring trunking and larger upper and lower connection areas.

  • Hybrid Design: enclosure looks like metal from front (door), but it is plastic enclosure (body)
  • From 1 to 4 rows
  • From 12 to 48 modules
  • IP30
  • Protection class II, totally insulated

Multimedia integration

Including 5 rows, it is equipped with telecommunication components and a 230V socket as standard. For more capacity, easily combine a distribution and multimedia enclosure together in 1 single board closed with a metal door.

Compact size

By increasing the installation space by 1 row, the switchgear capacity can extend to max. 60 modules while providing 30% more wiring space without compromising on safety.

Smooth design

Any standard version can be converted into a “flat version” with 72 mm installation depth using the raising frame. It is available with a solid metal door or optionally with a special version that reduces the Wi-Fi signal rejection. Both versions provide discrete design and ventilation for network devices installed inside the enclosure.

Fast mounting

By pressing in the screw in the cavity wall anchor, the levers swivel outwards and click into place. The wall sleeve is fixed into place. The mounting of the cover is performed in a very short time - one turn of the screwdriver by 90°is enough and it's ready to secure or release. Pre-punched segments on the side facilitate knockouts.

Easy assembly

After the mounting of the panel, the area where the rails are can be removed and the assembly can be done later. The switchgear cover protects against dirt during construction.

Smart aids

You’ll find retaining clamps in the door for circuit tables and plans. A miniature spirit level is integrated in all wall sleeves as an installation support for easy aligning.

Discrete at home

volta flush mounted version offers a very low wall thickness. Smooth and efficient, it is perfectly suitable for small sized residential projects.

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