LED skirting boards
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Skirting board system with stylish LED accent lighting

Skirting board systems are perfect for upgrading existing rooms and corridors with appealing electrical installations without needing to prise open the walls and lay new cables. The tehalit.SL LED sets exciting tones with integrated light strips. Ideal for fast, inexpensive modernisation.

Fit for purpose

The LED strip adds a modern touch to the building and adapts perfectly to any contemporary interior.


Device carriers float on trunking so you decide on the position. With different trunking sizes and equipments for device carriers, energy and data can be supplied wherever required.

Smart illumination

Equipped with sensors, it softly illuminates the floor when you enter the room and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Colour options

Different colours are available to fit any design interior. With clear reference naming, product selection and installation is as simple as it is fun.

Safe orientation in office buildings and hotel corridors

The tehalit.SL LED ensures safe orientation in the dark without lighting the entire corridor or waking up guests!

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