Underfloor trunking solution
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Invisible cable routing and room connection systems

Floor systems offer you great functionality, allowing an optimized building supply as well as a direct access from the floor to electrical power, data and telecommunications. The system is extremely durable without adding unnecessary costs to your construction budget. A technical challenge finally becomes an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying result.

Modular design

Rectangular, square or round, the system can be fully customized. Each unit can be equipped with 6 to 12 outlets. Alongside the standard system, we also offer customised project solutions for special requirements.

Robust materials

Made out of stainless steel or polyamide, the system ensures a perfect protection against corrosion and resists harsh user conditions (heavy loads, high traffic areas, dust and dirt, etc.). Safety is guaranteed even in wet rooms.

Discrete finish

The solution invisibly adapts to any floor, supplies all places with energy and data and only appears where it is needed. Perfectly integrated in the room, it is nearly visible after mounting whilst delivering high performance every day.

Easy reference selection

Thanks to the order number system, it's easy to find the right solution that fits inside your system. Simply select the data or power outlets to be inserted from amongst our wide range of options.

Any type of floor

There is a solution for every type of floor: floor-mounted systems, screed-covered systems, systems that fit flush with the surface of the screed, systems for double floors, systems for cavity floors, dry-cleaned or wet-cleaned floors, with heavy loads or not.

Smart KNX integration

KNX actuators for lighting, heating and blind control are installed directly in the underfloor boxes and reduce cable requirements of the overall installation, therefore the risk of potential cable fires.

Connecting up for business

Thanks to their modular design, underfloor systems can be arranged flexibly. They are perfect for offices, commercial buildings or public spaces. Power supply, data equipment sockets with audio and video can be combined in the same device casing.
Most frequently, the screed-covered system allows quick and easy installation and can be combined with all types of screed: bonded, floating or self-levelling screed and, after appropriate preparation, with poured asphalt or hot screed.

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Underfloor trunking systems
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