Outstanding in Form and Function

Style and substance coincide

No two architectural design are alike and the technology behind them can be equally unique. That‘s why architects rely on solutions from Hager which are pioneering in terms of technology and aesthetics. For special requirements, there is the Hager Manufaktur department: fulfilling handmade, individual design requests in countless materials, colours and other customizations that supply the finishing touches to any building or room.

Discover a world of possibilities

Hager Manufaktur

Hager small-scale manufacturing supports you reliably in the consultation, planning and implementation of individual custom-made products.

berker B.IQ

With its user-friendly interface, the Berker B.IQ provides high comfort by controlling all building applications at your fingertips.

berker R.8

The new Berker R.8 convinces with its excellent design. Only 3mm in frame height, this is one of the slimmest design lines available on the market.

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