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The extra-flat switch range, 3mm glass - only from Hager

Whether flat screen, tablet or smartphone, the trend is towards a flat design and it’s no different for light switches and sockets. The new Berker R.8 convinces with its excellent design. Only 3mm in frame height, this is one of the slimmest design lines available on the market.

Product examples

A harmonious family

The new switch program R.8 follows the design of the success line R.3 but is thinner. All the inserts of the R.3 series are also available for the slim R.8 line. From motion sensors to shutter switches, right through to KNX pushbutton sensors; from 230 V to data sockets, right through to loudspeaker connections.

The slimmest glass

Only 3mm in frame height, this is one of the slimmest design lines available on the market, looking almost flush with the wall from side view, for the highest design demands.

Noble materials

Made of thermoplastic or sophisticated authentic materials, such as aluminium, unbreakable stainless steel or scratch-resistant glass. Available in matching colours or dynamic light-dark contrast.

Perfect finish

The usage of genuine materials such as glass, aluminium and stainless steel creates authentic tactility, and even the way the switches click speaks volumes about the product’s superb quality.

You dream it, we'll make it!

Tailor made design options can be adapted to project requirements, thanks to the Manufaktur team.

Design pedigree

Berker R.8 won the 2018 GOOD DESIGN Award and the world’s most prestigious, recognised, and oldest Design Awards program for design excellence worldwide: GOOD DESIGN®. R.8 also won the German Design Award 2019.

More about berker design ranges:

Easy and fast installation

We also slimmed down the installation time to make your job easier. For different walls, two installation variants with a shallow installation depth are available (in cavity and masonry walls).

For classic cavity wall mounting

You can use our grey cavity box which, like all conventional cavity wall boxes, is quick and easy to install. Equally fast are the processes of wiring the centrepiece and fitting the rocker and surround.

For stone and brick walls

Follow the box-in-box principle. First make a rectangular recess in the wall. Mount the red box inside, then fit the smaller grey box accurately into the red one. That way, even delicate glass surrounds can be mounted without breakage.

Eye-catching in the dark as well as in the light

Installed in corridors and living rooms and in perfect harmony with the berker R.3 in less frequented adjoining rooms. Contrasting light reflections in dark colour, it blends into any modern living ambience with its exciting design, round central piece, in a square frame.


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