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EE180 Astronomical Timeswitch 1C

EE180 Astronomical Timeswitch 1C

Astronomical Timeswitch 1C

Cat ref.:EE180
EAN No.:


P.U.:1 prt.
Technical Characteristics
Fixing mode:Din-Rail
Technical version:Change-over contact, programme cycles: 1 x 7 days
Number of function channels:1
  • Keylock by means of blocking key
  • change-over contact
Function of the pushbutton:yes
  • LC display with illumination
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Operating voltage:230 V~ +/- 15%
Acceptable current rating with AC1:16 A
Max. power with cos phi 0.6:10 A
Switching current at cos φ = 0.6:max. 10 A
Max. Breaking capacity for parallel compensated fluorescent tubes:400 W
Max. Breaking capacity for row-compensated fluorescent tubes:1000 W
Max. power with fluo uncompensated lamps:1000 VA
Power consumed:6 VA
Incandescent bulb power:0/2300 W
Loss power at full load:≈ 2 W
Total power loss under IN:2 W
Power dissipation per coil:0,3 W
Running accuracy:± 1.5 s/day
Power reserve [years]:≈ 5 a
  • with lithium battery type: LS14250
Supply voltage:230 V +/- 15%
Depth of installed product:65 mm
Height of installed product:85 mm
Length:35 mm
Width of installed product:65 mm
Width of rail mounted device (RMD):2 modules
Fluorescent lamps:max. 1000 VA
Max. power with fluorescent parallel lamps:400 VA
Max. power fluo. duo lamp comp. series:1000 W
Fluorescent lamps parallel compensated:400 VA
230 V incandescent lamps and halogen lamps:max. 2300 W
Max. power with incandescent lamps:2300 W
Mounting type:din-Rail
  • for mounting on DIN rail
Conductor cross-section (flexible):1 … 6 mm²
Conductor cross-section (rigid):1 … 6 mm²
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable:1,5 / 10mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor:1 / 6mm²
Number of contacts:1
Type of contacts:1 changeover contact floating
  • with screw terminals
Summer / Winter time change:automatic
Shortest switching time:1 mn
Astronomic program:1
  • with automatic summer/winter time change-over
  • Programming possible without mains voltage
Number of program steps:56
Number of switching times for on/off:56
Number of channels:1
Supply failure reserve:5 years
Protection index IP:IP20
  • with programming key
Operating temperature:-10 … 55 °C
Working accuracy:1,5
Storage temperature:-20 to 60 °C
Storage/transport temperature:-20 … 60 °C
Main design line:Light control
  • EE180
    EE180 Astronomical Timeswitch 1C
  • EE180
  • EE180
  • EE180 Astronomical Timeswitch 1C
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