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TYA606B Output module 6x 10A /230V~, KNX

TYA606B Output module 6x 10A /230V~, KNX

Output module 6x 10A /230V~, KNX

Cat ref.:TYA606B
EAN No.:


P.U.:1 prt.
Technical Characteristics
Bus system:yes
Fixing mode:REG
  • suitable to switch different external conductors
  • with positioning function for blind and lamella position
  • with safety functions e.g. for wind, rain, alarm
  • with sun shade function
  • any combined operation from drive and switching functions possible
  • For switching, e.g. of 6 independent loads or activation of 3 drives
Indicator lamp:yes
  • Manual operation can be activated via selection switch, thereby deactivation of the KNX function
  • manual operation per channel using button (single-area operation)
  • with illuminated programming button
  • status LED integrated in the manual operation button
  • manual operation buttons for on/off (up/down) and bus function on/off per channel/device
Rated current:10 A
Operating voltage over bus:21 … 32 V DC
Bus current consumption (idle):≈ 3 mA
Switching current at cos φ = 0.8:max. 10 A
Total power loss under IN:5 W
Conventional transformers:1200 VA
Electronic transformers:1000 W
Height:90 mm
Width:70 mm
Width of rail mounted device (RMD):4 modules
Fluorescent lamps with electronical ballast (EB):15 x 36 W
Energy-saving lamps:12 x 23 W
Max. power fluo. duo lamp comp. series:15 x 36 W
Lighting power LED lamps:144 W
230V LED lamps:12 x 23 W
  • Status LED integrated in manual operation button
230 V halogen lamps:1200 W
230 V incandescent lamps and halogen lamps:1200 W
Max. power with incandescent lamps:1200 W
230 V incandescent lamps:1200 W
Conductor cross-section (flexible):0,75 … 2,5 mm²
Conductor cross-section (rigid):0,75 … 2,5 mm²
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable:0,75 / 2.5mm²
Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor:0,75 / 2,5mm²
Type of connection:quick connect
Type of contacts:6NO
  • with integral bus coupling unit
  • with QuickConnect plug-in terminals
  • bus connection via connecting terminal
  • switching time on change of direction adjustable
  • with plug-in terminals
Protection index IP:IP20
Operating temperature:-5 … 45 °C
Storage temperature:-20 to 70 °C
Storage/transport temperature:-20 … 70 °C
Main design line:KNX
  • TYA606B
    TYA606B Output module 6x 10A /230V~, KNX
  • TYA606B
  • TYA606B
  • TYA606B Output module 6x 10A /230V~, KNX
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