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Hager Group Annual Report 2015:
How a company listens and what happens when it does.

Listening? Isn’t that something we all do day in, day out? Actually, listening and understanding are two very different things. Only those who are able to listen carefully can turn information into valuable knowledge. Knowledge and understanding then allow them to recognise and seize opportunities sooner than others.

For this reason, Hager Group has dedicated its Annual Report 2015 to the all-important art of listening. Among other things, it describes how experts from politics, economics and society have come together to discuss technologies that make daily life considerably easier for the elderly and those in need of care. It documents a successful attempt by Hager Group’s customers, developers and technicians to develop an operating system for a hotel that can be understood intuitively around the globe. It also includes a contribution from renowned architect Matthias Sauerbruch, who talks about his experiences with building technology and its applications. “We have to get the users involved,” he recommends. “Even the best technology will only work if users are prepared to engage with it.”